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Offering Feline and Canine Rehabilitation in Winnipeg

Whether your dog or cat is slated for surgery, recovering from surgery, or experiencing a neurological or musculoskeletal condition affecting their quality of life, Head to Tail Pet Rehabilitation is here for you and your pet. Our centre is designed to promote faster healing and pet comfort.


Beyond post-surgical care, Head to Tail Pet Rehabilitation also sees patients in the therapy of arthritis, obesity, as well as various neurological and age-related (geriatric) diseases. 


The cats and dogs visiting our centre are receiving therapies related to the following: 


  • Post-op orthopedic surgery — Post-op orthopedic surgery can include Class IV laser therapies to accelerate the healing process, as well as low-buoyancy walks on our aquatic treadmill.
  • Muscle atrophy — After an injury or surgery, muscles need time to heal, but should also receive stimulation to avoid atrophy. Stimulating the muscles also maintains a steady flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the area being treated. 
  • Obesity — Obesity in pets can lead to serious joint complications, diabetes, heart disease, decreased liver function, and other issues that make it difficult for your furry friend to get the most out of life. Ask us about our obesity program.
  • Neurological diseases — Canine rehabilitation can often assist your pet in the recovery and management of several neurological conditions.
  • Age-related illnesses and Arthritis — Arthritis and degenerative joint disease are very common in our older patients. If you have a dog or cat suffering from arthritis, we may recommend weight management, exercise, bedding changes, massage, physical rehabilitation therapies, as well as adjustments in their daily activities in order to reduce pain.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation for Pets

Depending on the age of your dog or cat, most pets recover from orthopedic and other surgery types after two to three months. However, elderly pets may take upwards of a half-year before they are fully recovered. Following orthopedic surgery, it’s important to follow up with all veterinary and physical therapy appointments to ensure optimal healing. 

For additional information on feline and canine rehabilitation in Winnipeg, or to schedule therapy, please feel free to contact Head to Tail Pet Rehabilitation at any time.

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A completed referral form must be received before scheduling an initial assessment appointment. If you would like to have a PDF copy of the referral form emailed to your clinic, please let us know.

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