Equipment Used at Our Winnipeg Pet Physical Rehabilitation Centre

Head to Tail Pet Rehabilitation uses state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation equipment to make sure your pet recovers quickly and effectively. Like humans, pets heal better when they are in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable. Therefore, our staff makes sure a relaxing environment and patient comfort form a core part of the process. We also use several types of physical rehabilitation equipment to assist in the healing process, some of which will be detailed on this page. 

Two of the most frequently used pieces of equipment at our Winnipeg pet physical rehabilitation centre include our H2O Oasis walk-in underwater treadmill and the Companion Class IV laser.

Physical Rehabilitation with Our Underwater Treadmill

The latest research shows that muscles and tissues heal faster when they are allowed free range of motion. But, following a procedure — such as a hip replacement or orthopedic surgery — your dog will likely feel less inclined to walk around due to pain or discomfort. 

With the H2O Oasis walk-in underwater treadmill, your dog will have increased buoyancy, which means less weight will be placed on the areas being treated. Underwater treadmill exercises are one of the most effective ways to maintain nutrient and oxygen flow to the muscles, allowing them to heal more quickly.

Class IV Laser Treatments

Sometimes referred to as “cold laser therapy” or “low-level laser therapy”, Class IV lasers are designed to produce a range of light frequencies that are designed for healing. Laser therapy has proven to be an effective method in treating tendon and soft-tissue injuries; it’s also shown to be beneficial with acute and chronic conditions such as arthritis. 

The exact mechanism of how Class IV lasers promote healing is believed to be the light frequency’s stimulation of mitochondria, which promotes ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an essential amino acid that transfers energy from cell to cell. But, low-level light therapy has also shown to stimulate cells that assist with functions of immunity — a key part of the healing process.

Learn More about Our Equipment

To learn more about the equipment and capabilities of Head to Tail Pet Rehabilitation in Winnipeg, please feel free to contact us at any time.


In addition to our standard weekday hours, we are open until 8:00 PM on Wednesdays & every other Saturday.

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